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Game on healthy issues for adults and children to play together

The digital era is changing our lifestyles. We interact less with each other, we are more sedentary. We are losing social and parenting skills.
Power to Resist was a Grundtvig project, leaded by Viborg municipality and with the participation of Ceutí, ALIAT and two other countries, where they worked on how to make parents aware of the importance of not being so permissive with children starting so early to drink alcohol, of the power of the mirroring effect and on finding a common message.
The conclusions were the following: we need strong parents with social and parenting skills to empower children, so that they can face presure groups and have the power to say “no” to alcohol, we need good role models, we need children getting used to doing other leisure activities, different than drinking and going out at night.
The objective pursued in this project is to find the best methodology and ICT tools for adult educators in order to transmit parents the necessary skills to be good role models for their children and to carry out a healthier lifestyle. We want families doing healthy activities together, we want to see healthy communities.


Partners in this project educate adults on healthy preventive measures. They feel parents lack of parenting and social skills, they don’t use digital media in an effective and safe way, they carry out too sedentary lives and do not spend enough time with their children. Educators lack of enough tools and methodologies to reach parents and encourage them to carry out healthier lifestyles.

Project objectives

Through this project, partners with different backgrounds and experiences will collaborate to develop innovative ICT tools and methodologies for adults educators to reach parents, providing them parenting skills, making them aware of the importance of carrying out healthier lifestyles and offering them activities and tools to achieve these objectives. During the whole project we will pay special attention to social inclusion in order to reach people with fewer opportunities.

Target groups

Our main target will be adult educators to which we will make available the intellectual outputs developed through the project. Our ultimate beneficiaries will be the families, carrying out healthier lifestyles (especially those with children from 0 to18 years old).

Project methodology

We will develop three intellectual outputs: An on-line game on healthy issues for adults and children to play together, an app which will show healthy activities taking place in your community and surrounding towns and which will serve to send awareness raising messages to parents and a User’s ICT Guide for Adult Educators with recommendations to use and manage the ICT tools in the most effective way, with all the lessons learnt through the project (including tools testing, evaluation and adjustments).

Results and impacts

We expect to get very powerful tools for educators addressing parents and families on healthy issues. The great advantage of these tools is that they will have been tested in 7 different countries, evaluated and improved. We will make all intellectual outputs totally transferable to other territories and available in 8 languages (English, Spanish, Danish, Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Italian and Croatian).
This project will have a great impact on citizens, helping them to carry healthier lifestyles.
Sustainability of this project is assured since these tools will be used in partners’ organisations day to day work.


We provide year-round full and part-time education

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